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Birthdate:Nov 25
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When I was younger, I never wanted to date James Bond. I wanted to BE James Bond. But try explaining that to your friends and you can imagine that you get the requisite head tilt and cross-eyed "But you're a GIRL"

This really had never occurred to me until someone pointed it out. And frankly, I still don't see why me being a girl [and a really girly girl at that!] should hinder my ability to be James Bond. Ass-kicking, martini-drinking, super-smooth secret agent! Really the fact that I'm a wuss and a nerdy nerd impinges more on my ability to be Bond, James Bond, than the fact that I'm a chick.

I wanted to be Wonder Woman too, but I never liked the fact that her top was strapless. I probably knew, even at a young age that I would never get the boobs to fill out that blue sparkly top.

I totally love stuff where girls kick ass. But I must admit, I think it's kinda dumb that more women superheros/ass-kickers/pick-your-heroine-here don't tie their hair back. I don't even like working out with my hair down, I can't imagine taking on a horde of zombies or vampires and getting loose strands caught in my lip gloss or having it blow across my eyes and, you know, impede my DEATH STRIKE OF DOOM.

Addicted to fanfic since fall 2008, writing it since November 2008. I'll ship anyone if the writing's good by my fave pairings are:
Supernatural - Dean/Cas
Stargate Atlantis - Sheppard/McKay

Other loves of fanfic - H/C - particularly hurt/sick!Dean or hurt/sick!Rodney - why do we always hurt the ones we love, why oh why?

I think friending should be changed/modified. From Friending to "Politely Stalking with Permission" or something. Shrug.

I "lurk" a lot and end up "tracking user" a lot, somehow ridonculously worried that if I friend someone and they don't friend me back, this is equivalent to asking someone to play with you on the swingset and having them kick dirt on your shiny mary janes and lacey knee high socks. On purpose. With malice.

If you friend me, I'll friend you back.

I'll continue to lurk/stalk etc.

um, that's it? I guess?

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